Saturday, August 7, 2010

trampoline camp out

For awhile now Tim has been promising the girls they would camp out on the trampoline one night. Yesterday I talked both of the girls into napping (for 2 hours!) so that they could stay up late outside. We had our Friday night homeade pizza, put Seth to bed, made popcorn and got all set up on the trampoline.

I think they brought almost every stuffed animal they own onto the trampoline.

Isn't it fun to jump and giggle (and be noisy neighbors) at 9:00 at night? I love Tim's expression. He truly enjoys his kids and I love that about him!

Tim told the girls to pretend to sleep for the picture. They just couldn't do it, they were laughing too hard! We laid on our backs for quite a while and played who can "eye spy" the first stars. Then we had to explain what all the moving stars (satelites) were. That was interesting . . .

This is Paige at 8:00am. She is the only one who made it on the trampoline the entire night! Around 9:15pm a skunk sprayed somewhere in our backyard and it STANK!! The smell eventually went away, but at 10pm Faith came inside saying she wanted to sleep in her bed in case the skunk came back. Tim made it till 2:00am, but he said the occasional duck quacking in our backyard (we have 3 ducks) was keeping him awake. He slept inside in the family room with the slider open so he could hear Paige if she needed anything. I had a blissful night of sleep by myself in my bed . . . no offense to my snoring husband! 

This one will go down in the memory books . . . the girls had SO MUCH FUN!! They have such a creative dad.

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