Friday, August 6, 2010

new home for albums

I mentioned that I was working on a  new home for my albums a couple of weeks ago. Well, the new home is finished! I am so excited! Here are the before pictures:

These "holes" on either side of the fireplace were meant to have a television and electronics in them, but who watches television on the floor? I felt like it was wasted space that was asking to be so much more! We've relocated the toy bin to Seth's room and the kitchen we have yet to decide on. Maybe it will move on from our home . . .

The albums in this cabinet are all pre-children. The drawers below are for toys.

This one's my favorite. It houses all our family albums (black), kid albums (yellow for Faith, green for Paige, and blue for Seth--not shown). The purple one is for all of their birthday parties and the red one is for our homeschooling adventures.

If you are local and need some cabinets built in, I was really happy with the guy who did the work. Fast and a nice guy. I'm still deciding on how I am going to arrange them and fill up the space. A little home decor is in order since the space will not be filled up with albums for quite a while. Now my linen closet is once again free . . . maybe I'll actually use it for linens . . . we'll see. Most likely it will be home to all of the homeschooling books that seem to be overflowing from the school room.

Have a great day!


Christine said...

are those new built in cabinets, or did you get lucky? very cute!

MacKenzie said...


Kristen said...

LOVE!!!!! Oh my goodness...they are perfect!!!

connorandmaddiesmom said...

You are my HERO! how long did it take you to organize all your photos? I am in the middle of trying to do that myself and my motivation has fizzled! Do you have each child's binder by year or just get a new one when they fill up?