Monday, November 11, 2013

poster learning and fun with velcro! (plus free download)

I first discovered what fun these posters could be when I attended a workshop by Sue Patrick at a homeschool conference. She sells some of her posters already made HERE. I couldn't afford the pre-made posters, so I made my own. You can purchase all of these posters online, but I was able to purchase and laminate mine at Lakeshore Learning Center. 

The idea behind these posters is for learning to be FUN and INTERACTIVE! Rather than trying to memorize the poster by looking at it--get involved with some velcro! This is a great way to learn for those kids who have to touch everything!

I purchased two of the same Skeletal System Posters. I laminated both. I then covered up all of the words with blue Duck Tape. Using the second poster, I cut out all of the words and adhered them to the first poster with velcro. Purchase Skeleton Poster. (This one is more money than I paid, but I couldn't find it elsewhere. You can probably find something similar at Target or your teacher resource store for less than $3. I paid $2.50 for this one.)

I love clear velcro because it does not distract from what is going on in the poster--this is especially helpful for the next poster . . . Geography Terms.

Want to learn all 46 Geography Terms? I typed them up and you can DOWNLOAD them HERE for FREE! Print on colored cardstock and laminate for durability.

Purchase Geography Terms. You only need one. By the way, I wouldn't recommend giving all of these definitions to your kids in one pile--a tad overwhelming. Have your student master various sections of the poster before moving on--perhaps 10 at a time depending on the age. Make your student feel successful!

You can purchase CLEAR VELCRO by the yard at Joann--don't forget to use a coupon! This is much cheaper than the individual velcro dots.

For this Parts of Speech Poster, you'll need to cover the middle section (that has multiple words on it) with white paper and then laminate. Next, you'll need library card holders from any office supply or education store. Add parts of speech labels (or write them on) to each holder. We all have a stack of word cards/flash cards somewhere--have your student put each word in the correct library card holder. Purchase Parts of Speech. You'll only need to buy one.

I laminated two Solar System Posters, used black Duck Tape to cover up the planet names, cut out the planet names from the second poster and put the names on with velcro. Purchase Our Solar System. Remember you'll need to buy two!

Have fun learning! Have questions? Feel free to send me an email.


Unknown said...

All of these posters are super! We got the one with the Geography Terms. I was wondering, do you have a clearer picture of the geography terms answers? Thanks for sharing!

Brenda Johnston said...

The answers can be downloaded for free on the link above. Thanks for looking!

ADMIN said...

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ADMIN said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the geography terms poster idea. I just finished sticking all the terms to the poster. Love it!

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