Friday, April 13, 2012

friendship bouquet

Do you ever want to give a gift with a theme? A little personality? Something that is different? A mentor mom of mine (from 10 years ago) taught me how to make these fun bouquets!

Last night we celebrated a friend turning 40. These are just a few of her favorite things . . . turned into a bouquet! The flowers are stir sticks (the floral tape and leaves can be removed), the candy boxes are hot glued to two wooden skewers (for extra support), the gift cards are tucked into holders that I made and then hot glued to the skewers and the card rests in a card holder that I picked up at the grocery store floral department. (Just ask them for one and they'll usually give one to you or have you pay a minimal amount.) 

Here are the staples that you will need: floral foam, floral tape, floral picks (the green picks with a wire at the top), floral leaves and wooden skewers. (I picked up skewers that were different lengths, but you can always cut them down as needed.) You'll need colored foil or colored cellophane to use as your filler. I have made a 4th of July bouquet in the past and used red and blue cellophane as filler. You'll also need a pretty pot or container. I picked this one up at the Dollar store.

Cut your foil or cellophane to 6-8" squares. Take the middle of the square and wrap the floral picks wire securely around. It usually takes 12-20 squares to fill the container, depending on how big the container is and how many other things you have in it.

The flowers you see in the first picture are stir sticks. I secured them to a skewer with floral tape and wrapped a leaf into the floral tape as well. These can later be deconstructed and used. 

A view from the top. The possibilities are endless with a flower bouquet. A few themes that I have done in the past . . . 4th of July, scrapbooking (with lots of little embellishments hot glued to the skewers), baby shower, coffee . . . you can do pretty much anything that is all about your friend!

The total cost usually ranges from $15-$25 depending on what you include as the gifts. You could even do these in a big coffee mug on a smaller scale and it would probably cost a little less. I've found places like Cost Plus to be great for purchases that are small and unique and are easy to hot glue (and then later remove). The key is to keep things in their original packaging so that the hot glue doesn't ruin the gift. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great Friday!

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