Monday, August 24, 2015

tunnel book report

I wanted to help my kids make their book reports come to life! I found a fabulous YouTube tutorial on how to make a tunnel book! (link below)

Open the front cover and you see different layers of pictures which adds depth and the 3D look. My daughter typed up her story and pasted it to the insides of the front cover.

Take the first picture out and you see the second "scene" of the story.

We used an exacto knife to cut out windows in each scene.

Another close up picture of a scene.

These are the five scenes in the story. You can see that we started cutting out more of the cardstock with the first layer and decreased the amount cut out with each scene. The last scene has only a little cardstock cut out near the sun. 

Want to try this? This guy has a fabulous YouTube clip that walks you through all the measurements and how to put it together!

This tunnel book gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "book report." A tunnel book can be used across the curriculum and can be attractive as an alternative to the "old school" book report. It appeals to students who enjoy drawing, as well as helps to assess their ability to express themselves via a personal narrative or summary of what they've already read. Students love the chance to make something 3D using minimal materials.

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