Wednesday, September 18, 2013

sumo wrestling with pillows and lifejackets: story of the world 3: chap. 5

If they learned nothing else from this chapter, they learned that the samurai were given new jobs and encouraged to wrestle rather than fight with swords. And "wrestle" we did!

In the activity book of SOTW 3, it walks you through how the competitors prepared themselves for the fight. One of the things they had to do was stare each other down with a mean glare.

I just love my little man's glare!

For this activity, we decided to do it on our trampoline (with a net so they wouldn't get pushed off!). My husband taped a rope in a large circle and a line down the center. They had to stand on either side of the taped line and try to push each other outside the ring. We had the kids put on life jackets, two pillows and then used tie downs to put everything together. Definitely a lesson my kids won't forget!

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