Thursday, September 5, 2013

pocahontas and captain john smith

My girls took an intro to IEW (writing) class over the summer at our local homeschool used bookstore. It was a great class to get their feet wet and a great way for me to learn how the IEW method is taught. I LOVE this writing program!

I wanted the girls to write about something they had learned from our study on Jamestown, but I wanted to make it extra fun as well! Both of my girls love crafts. I learned how to make oatmeal container dolls from a friend and I thought this would be the perfect time to make some.

I asked my 7-year-old to write a one paragraph paper on John Smith. I asked my 9-year-old to write a three paragraph paper on Pocahontas. The incentive to write was the doll craft at completion of the writing assignment.

For the clothing, we used random scraps of fabric that I had on hand--including leftover burlap from our Jamestown fort. These are small oatmeal containers with 5-inch balls for heads--purchased with coupons at Michael's. We folded up the story and put it inside the oatmeal container. We'll leave them out on display through the Thanksgiving season--they'll fit right in with all the upcoming Pilgrim crafts we have planned.

If you missed our Jamestown display you can check it out HERE.


tgoswife said...

That is a really great idea!! They are so cute and creative!
We will be doing early settlers soon! I will have to check this out again!
Pinning! :D

Sennie said...

Oh my goodness how cute!! Have a great year of homeschooling!

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