Friday, July 12, 2013

story of the world 2: the american kingdoms (chap. 32)

Learning about history with our friends is so much fun! This week we learned about the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs. I found this great Aztec shoebox craft on Crayola's website. My favorite part was the corn cob ears! I picked them up at The Dollar Store. Here is the set up and what you'll need:

I cut out the tops of all the shoeboxes so that they would be easier to work with. I hot glued some white, stiff foam (from Joann) to the bottom of each shoebox:

I found some shiny blue self-adhesive paper at Joann in the scrapbook aisle. It doesn't need to be self-adhesive, but the shiny was fun for a river. In the three green bowls I have tiny rocks, some foamies that I picked up at Joann (fire, trees, etc.) and some coffee beans for the "cacao tree." Also, I had foam and construction paper on hand that they covered the walls with to make a background. And, because I have a ton of scrapbook punches on hand, I had a cloud punch for them to make clouds.

See those cute little Aztec puppets? I found those for FREE here.

I let the kids create whatever scene they desired and I read to them out of some supplemental books on the American Kingdoms while they worked.

In addition to listening to Chapter 32 of SOTW, we watched the "Mesoamerica" clip on Brain Pop. My kids LOVE Brain Pop! You need a subscription to it, but you can try it out for a week FREE. I love that they can watch a 5 minute clip of just about any topic and it gets them interested and wanting to know more!

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