Friday, June 22, 2012

BREAKAWAY! A.K.A. Vacation Bible School

We just finished up a super fun week with Superheroes at Breakaway! As usual, the Breakaway team did an over the top job and my kids want to go back another week. Here are some highlights for Grandma and Grandpa:

The church builds their own sets every year with the theme. This years theme was Breakaway to the City and the Superheroes did a skit everyday that told kids about Jesus.

Go-karts during recreation time!

I never want to miss out on the fun, so I volunteer every year. This year I was on snack duty. 

The zip line was a HUGE hit!

Superhero masks!

This little guy had a great time too!

The music is all original and goes with the theme. The kids all bring home a CD the first day, so we get to listen to it all week in the van.

The final rally and music time the kids are surprised with confetti!

Such a great week and lots of memories were made!

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