Monday, April 30, 2012

bee co-op

A few weeks ago I organized a Bee Co-op for our homeschool group. We had 70 kids eager to learn all about bees!

I had a beekeeper come teach the kids all about bees and how important they are to our survival. I learned a ton of things too! The kids all had a turn to search for the Queen Bee who he had marked with a white spot. He also gave us all samples of his pure honey--yum!

Everyone got to make a bee snack. Family Fun supplied us with this fabulous snack idea.

I found these fun pencil toppers on Oriental Trading dot com.

Faith got to be the bee who hid the flower (with the nectar) for the other kids to find.

All of these smiling faces are waiting patiently for me to hand them a prize at the end of the afternoon . . . these cute bee pencils.

I love organizing these co-ops! I am starting to throw around ideas in my head for next year . . . a friend of mine did a similar co-op a few years back in which they learned all about hearts . . . and she ordered real sheep hearts for kids to investigate . . . with rubber gloves of course.

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