Saturday, March 10, 2012

doll birthday party

This morning we celebrated Faith's 6th birthday! (Her real birthday is in 2 weeks.) She requested a doll birthday party and asked that everyone bring their favorite doll. As we were in Southern CA until Wednesday, I didn't have a ton of time to prepare . . . but thankfully, this was one of the easiest parties I have ever put on!

It's become a tradition each year for my mom to sew the girls a dress. In the past they've chosen material based on the theme of the party. This year, Faith requested a rainbow dress and a matching dress for her doll. She was thrilled with the outcome! Thanks Grandma!

Faith came up with all of the party activities herself. First, she requested to play three songs on her harp for an audience . . . this is her attentive audience. Faith even sang the words to the songs as she played!

Next, she wanted the dolls to play musical chairs. The dolls had to quickly find a seat when the music stopped! After musical chairs, we played hide the dolls and Faith was the seeker. All of the girls had SO much fun hiding their dolls and then telling the birthday girl if she was cold or hot. After hide and seek, the girls played dolls and had fun running around the house.

We had lunch and snack for the big girls and for the dolls. I'm pretty sure the big girls consumed both plates. Hot dogs + Little Smokies, Goldfish + Baby Goldfish, marshmallows + mini-marshmallows, big pretzels + mini-pretzels, chocolate chips + mini-chocolate chips. I also made mini-cupcakes for the dolls which the girls brought home for their siblings.

Lunch time was LOUD. These girls can TALK!!! I think the only time they all had their mouths closed was when I prayed over the food!

I purchased these 3-inch dolls at the Dollar Tree. Each came with an outfit, a stove and a pot. I set them aside for the girls to take home with their dolls after they ate their cupcakes.

Decorating these cupcakes was easy. I'm sure they could look more professional if I had the proper equipment, but a table knife worked fine for me and I was able to make a frosting "dress" on each doll. Once you insert the doll into the cupcake, put the doll arms in the air while you frost. Upon completion, lower the arms and she looks like she is wearing a beautiful pink gown.

Along with the dolls, the girls each took home a baby bottle (purchased from Michaels in the baby shower section) that we filled with Skittles.

We had a fun morning! Jessica and Becca--you were missed! Happy Birthday Faith!


Christal and Craig said...

Looks like so much fun! We haven't had a party with friends yet, but I think I've decided to try this year for Vallarie. Probably at the park since we just can't accommodate that many people here. And I did have a slight panic attack thinking I'd missed it...I didn't think it was until the 24th! :)

Gail P Smith said...

LOVE your cupcake dolls--you are so creative Brenda! I used to love thinking up things like that for my kiddos. One year we had a Strawberry Shortcake party and played pin the stem on the strawberry and I made strawberry bean bags to take home. Gail Smith, Christal's mom