Thursday, December 22, 2011

season's greetings

I thought I would share one last Christmas card before Christmas. This was from a class I taught last month. I love the simplicity and "quickness" of this card!

We are having so much fun at the beach visiting family! Once in a great while I miss the snow of Minnesota (where I grew up). But most of the time--especially times like this--I don't miss it a bit! 

Anybody know where this is? Just curious who knows their coastline. : ) Have a great day!


Christal and Craig said...

There's no snow to miss here this year. Supposed to be 40 on Christmas. Not sure what it will be at your parents' place. I'm not complaining!

Kristen said...

Dave says Palos Verde. I say Corona del Mar. Either way we're jealous. ;)

Brenda Johnston said...

Dana Point. Tons of tide pools!