Saturday, October 8, 2011

vacation photos

We've just returned from our favorite place and I have pictures to share. One of the perks of homeschooling is that we can take our "school" on the road with us whenever we desire. The kids had a great time exploring and learning. We hiked A LOT. Seth put several miles on his little legs this past week and he loved it! (And he took REALLY long naps!) Note to self: Take Seth on a 2-mile walk every morning.

The first snow of the season happened the 3rd day we were there.

The deer are everywhere this time of year!

Blackberries were everywhere . . . too many to pick! Next time I need to bring my canning supplies and make blackberry jam while we are there!

The girls love making faces whenever I pull out my camera. These are their tongues . . . pre-blackberries!

We picked a bunch of apples and had fun feeding them to the horses.

We've read through most of the Little House series, so posing with a covered wagon is always a treat!

Tennis courts are not for tennis . . . they are for roller-blading and scooter riding . . . and lots of running! It always makes my heart happy to see how much fun they have together, and how they include Seth in all their shinanigans. 

On our last day at the ranch, the girls found a lizard, a frog and a caterpillar. They talked us into bringing all three home. The frog has it's own habitat, the lizard is at home in an old aquarium we happened to still have and the caterpillar made it's cocoon in the bowl that we brought it home in--they are so excited to see what it will become. Science at it's best!

Whenever we are surrounded by beauty, I try and capture a favorite picture of each of my kids. These are my favorites . . . yes, Seth had two favorites. : )

If you have a moment, tell me which photo of Seth you prefer . . . I'm adding pictures to my photo wall and can only pick one. Hope you have a great weekend!


Cravinchoc said...

The 2nd one - where he is facing the camera. It will match the others better. Plus he has a cute smile! Glad you guys had so much fun!

Christine said...

okay, Merri has a valid point, but I love the sideways one with his mouth open. And I think it could work too: both girls forward, & your crazy boy to the side in the middle :)

Gotta Tell Gail said...

I love Seth #2--not really sure why, it's just soooo cute

Ken Mirr said...

What's amazing about a ranch vacation is that you get to have a lot of fun with your family. With lots of activities to do together, you'll definitely enjoy your time there! It's great that your kids bond in this vacation. Those photos are proof that they had a great time. They certainly wanted to go back there for more.
Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group