Monday, September 19, 2011

recent pubs

I thought I would share my excitement over a few recent publications in Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I've shared these layouts in the past, but had to pull them down from my blog until now.

In September's issue:

This layout was selected for their "Creativity Heals" column in which people share about difficult times they have gone through and how scrapbooking has helped them process their struggles. I originally created this layout for a faith blog post with Ella Publishing and then submitted it to CK. I created this layout so that my kids could one day read about what I was going through at this time difficult time in my life and how my faith and family got me through.

 This SILLY BANDZ layout was selected for their Reader Gallery. I had fun documenting this fad that my kids are totally into. I tried 4 different adhesives when trying to attach a few silly bandz before I finally hand-stitched them on with clear thread!

In October's issue:

This layout is also in their Reader Gallery (just got my magazine in the mail today!). It is one of my favorites because it focuses on the photos. And  these photos of my kids are some of my favorites! Thanks for sharing in my excitement! Have a great day!


Cravinchoc said...

These are great, Brenda! Very cool that you got published...again! :)

Denise Z. said...

Congratulations on the latest pub! I was flipping through my new CK the other day and thought "hey, I know those kids!" Seems I can't open CK lately without seeing your work--you're becoming a regular!

nickandstaci said...

Congrats! I saw one of your pages in my new CK and was so happy for you! I love your work!!