Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ella everyday life lists

Hey friends! Today I want to share with you one of Ella's recent List It eBooks! The List It Everyday Edition journaling guides make it easier than ever to capture important details about your everyday life RIGHT NOW. Some of the 90 prompts in List It! Everyday Life Edition are standard and universal, others are quirky and unique. But they'll all help you paint a complete picture of what your life is like—your schedule and routine, your goals and pursuits, the people you love, your home and surroundings, your possessions, and more.

You can even watch a List It Video to learn more about these unique and AWESOME printable lists!

This is not something I would normally think to scrapbook about . . . websites that I frequently visit. But I am so glad I had this LIST to prompt me to do it! 50 years from now when I am sitting in my rocker trying to remember what life was like in the days of the internet (because I'm sure there will be something even better by then), I will have this reminder of where I gained some information, wisdom and just plain fun eye candy "back in the day."

This layout with photo strips was inspired by the fabulous Susan Weinroth

I simply took screen shots of some of my favorite websites (though I couldn't fit them all in!) and made a collage in PSE. 

Hello to my friends at CHA this week! Hope you are having fun without me! I love seeing all the eye candy you have spotted and shared during the first couple of days!


Janell said...

What a great idea! It's funny to see the website that you like to visit...same ones that I go visit. I hope that you are enjoying your summer! Talk to you soon!

{Colleen} said...

Such a great idea for scrapping everyday things. Love the layout especially how you have used the photo strips