Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm home from my whirlwind trip to Douglas, WY for my grandmother's funeral. It was such a great celebration of her life and wonderful to be able to see my extended family.

There were a bunch of military men on my flight home which prompted me to ponder how blessed we are in this country. One of the biggest blessing for our family is our choice to be able to choose our children's form of education. There are so many choices out there that I know other countries do not have. As we wrap up our homeschool year, I thought I'd share a sneak peak layout that I made with the upcoming Green Tangerines June Kit. This is Paige's Kindergarten year--last year.

Last year we were with a charter school, Horizon--I included her student I.D. card. We switched to Visions charter school this year for 1st grade. Charter schools mean different things in different parts of the country and not every state has them, so I will explain what it means for our family. Basically, I can use whatever curriculum I choose and take whatever extra curricular activities I'd like to and the state will pay for it up to $1600 per year, per student. The only catch is that none of the curriculum can be faith based that THEY are purchasing for me. Since we have chosen to use mostly Christian curriculum, we pay for that ourselves. I use the $1600 to pay for educational games, art supplies, harp lessons and gymnastics. Once a month they send a teacher to my home to check in on us, see what Paige is learning and answer any questions I might have. My teacher is fantastic! She is a Christian, is supportive and encouraging, and she scrapbooks--so of course I love her!

I made this "chalkboard" using black cardstock, oil cloth (the "wood") and my white Signo pen.

There are several cute tickets included in the kit and multiple letter options to choose from!

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Remember to say thank you to the military men and women that you bump into when you are out and about!

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nickandstaci said...

I think it is wonderful you guys homeschool. We have friends that have their daughter at visions also. I have thought about it but know that I am not disciplined enough to make it work! Thankfully our daughter was selected in the lottery for one of the local charters here and we love it!