Saturday, April 2, 2011

our getaway . . . photo heavy

This past week we were near the top of the state of California at  the JH Ranch. My husband's family started this Christian camp over 30 years ago. Tim lived there from age eight on and has seen it grow from five campers their first week to thousands of people coming through the camp every summer. His parents have a house adjacent to the camp that we are free to use when it is empty. It's such a huge blessing when we need a place to get away as a family . . . and get away we did!

It was snowing when we arrived. This was the first time my kids had seen falling snow . . . we've been to Tahoe to sled plenty of times, but we always go up when it is sunny.

Fort building was a huge highlight on this rainy afternoon!

I took this picture for grandpa . . .

We went into the small town of Etna one day to get the kids ice cream . . . this train was screaming for us to stop and explore . . . Seth is so into trains right now!

This is the view from one of our hikes. The pictures don't do God's amazing beauty justice.

This picture is screaming to be scrapbooked . . . I think the topic will be something about the open road of possibilities before Seth . . . hhhmmmm . . . can't wait!

I'm off to finish unpacking. Have a great weekend!


Diana said...

Beautiful photos and a lovely place Brenda. So nice that you have a getaway like that to go to! And yes, that last photo is indeed screaming to be scrapped ;-) but then again all of them are.

nickandstaci said...

Lots of great photos but that last photo is perfect! Love it!

brandi said...

your photos are amazing...cant wait to see them on a lay out!