Friday, April 8, 2011

my weekend plans

I am headed off to the CHEA Homeschool Conference this morning with a girlfriend for two days. I am super excited! I have been attending homeschool conferences since my oldest was 3-years-old. The speakers help recharge me and reconfirm God's calling for our family to homeschool.

I have to admit, there are days when I think, "Remind me why I am doing this? Do I need to listen to that whining about reading AGAIN? Oh, how I would love a 6-hour break to my day . . . " These days are few and far between. Most days I feel very blessed to be my children's primary educator. I LOVE seeing them really GET something, it is so fun! And I love being with my kids . . . playing games, making crafts, cooking, running errands, going on field trips . . . we have so much fun together! I feel blessed to be at home with them because I know the time that they are a part of my everyday life is short . . . college will be here in the blink of an eye!

This past year I've had my girls involved in Mosaic Christian Academy. It's a place for homeschooling kids to take a few extra curricular activities and hang out with other kids who are home-schooled. For the first half of the year, I was there in the mornings with all three of my kids and was involved in the preschool co-op while Paige was in 1st grade classes. This second semester, I moved Faith up to the Kindergarten classes and Paige is still in her classes. They attend for 3 hours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons . . . while I am at home with Seth napping. I will admit, it has been a nice break to my week. I can lesson plan, clean the house, do laundry . . . wait . . . did I just say those things???!!! I have 3 hours to myself (well, more like 2 hours since that's all Seth will nap)--I really do things like nap, read a book and scrapbook! It's a little treat to my week. And the girls love the friendships they have developed here. Some of the classes they are involved in . . . Sign Language, Lego Engineering, Math Games, P.E. and a few others. We love this place!

Anyway, that is just a tid-bit of what is going on in our homeschooling world at the moment. I'm excited for a fun girls weekend away and excited to learn what God is going to teach me through this conference this weekend!

And because I can't post without a picture, here is one last picture of Faith from our week at the ranch.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Christine said...

so I had to click on your link to Mosaic Christian, and there your girls are, right on the home page!

have fun this weekend! I work with a few homeschooling families, and there are days I wish I could do it :)