Thursday, April 21, 2011

crazy with photobooth

Switching from a PC to a MAC has been frustrating, but fun. I still have a lot to learn. Even thought it's been frustrating at times, once I figure out how to do something, it actually is saving time and making things easier . . . but again, still a lot to learn. One of the FUN things about owning a MAC is the Photobooth program that came with the computer. My girls discovered it and are thrilled whenever I let them play with it! So, I thought I would document some of the CRAZY photos!!!

Kelly, the owner of Green Tangerines, said she was creeped out by some of the photos . . . but she still hung it up in the store!

I used my April Kit for this layout.

Hope you enjoy your day!


Laura T. said...

What a cute layout! I've been thinking about getting the photobooth app for my iPhone. This just temps me more.

nickandstaci said...

Really cute and fun page!