Friday, February 18, 2011

january month-in-review and valentines

Some of you may know I have the fun job of designing the Month-in-Review kits for Green Tangerines Kit Club. Last year I used many of the sketches from Project 12--a totally fun experience! This year I wanted to use these awesome calendar die-cuts on every layout, so I am doing my own thing. But I am still doing the same concept of Project 12--my entire month of random highlights on one layout. This gets me to scrapbook the everyday ordinary events. Here is January. You can purchase this as an add-on with January's kit.

If you don't know this about our family, we homeschool our kids. This usually means we don't have as much of the party stuff that comes along with holidays--though our homeschool group does celebrate some of them. This semester I have Faith enrolled in a homeschool Kindergarten class. It's a class just for homeschooled kids in which they do "extra" fun school stuff and have a chance to interact with other kids. She goes Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for three hours--and she loves it! On Tuesday they had a valentine exchange. This was my FIRST ever valentine exchange! My oldest is in first grade, but since I've never had either of the girls in a class setting, this was a first for me--I had to do something CUTE--but quick and easy!

I found this adorable idea at eighteen25. It was SO EASY! Just a few clicks in PSE and I was done. The photos are each 4x3 and I put 2 on a 4x6 canvas and had them printed at Costco. The two bags of lollipops I had to buy cost me $5. Total spent on the project: $6.30. And can I tell you they were a HIT!? You could use this idea for birthday party thank yous or some other festive occassion. Thank goodness for other gals who are much more creative than me willing to share their ideas! I love the internet!

p.s. If you use google reader (as I do) you won't have noticed that I finally changed my blog header--after over a year! Figured it was time to have an updated picture of my kids!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Christine said...

I meant to leave you a comment earlier that I had noticed your cute new header because I was linking your heritage layout (otherwise I use google reader too). Very cute!

Kristen said...

Loved those valentines when I saw them too...our classes banned candy this year (probably a good thing) and my boys wanted store bought valentines...what?!! It broke my crafty momma heart just a little. Oh well. Thanks for the head's up on the reader has it's limitations, huh. The kids are adorable! Can't believe how big Seth is!!!!

Cravinchoc said...

Adorable valentine cards! Love it. Faith is sure growing up! The others too...but for some reason Faith seems like she has changed the most.