Tuesday, February 22, 2011

heritage designer's challenge week 6

This week, we are focusing on fun and games. What did people do before the Superbowl was around to entertain them? I grew up in Minnesota where Superbowl and World Series parties were huge! Probably because it was too freezing to do anything outside. My dad was a pastor and on Superbowl Sunday afternoon he would invite the congregation to come and watch the Superbowl at church--on the big screen--via projector! (This was before anyone had big screens in their homes.) 

Was it sports you were into or board games?  Did you play any sports in high school, college, or professionally?  If you weren’t into organized sports, did you enjoy hiking, fishing, gardening or any other outside activities? What childhood outdoor games did you enjoy?

I chose to document part of my dad's childhood. He came down with the polio disease two years before the vaccine was invented. He spent much of his childhood in a hospital undergoing various surgeries. He and the other boys in his wing had to come up with creative things to do for fun!

Have a great Tuesday!


Ginny H said...

I love this page! You might like to read Joyce Moyer Hostetter's books Blue and Comfort to your kids when they are a little older. They are historical fiction books about the polio epidemic in Hickory, NC during WW2. My nine-year-old read them and really enjoyed them. We have a good friend that had polio as a child, too.

Brenda Johnston said...

Thanks for the tip! I will look into it as I love history!