Wednesday, December 1, 2010

advent calendar

The first day of December is here . . . my kids are jumping for joy that they get to start the Advent calendar!

I made this two years ago for a class at Green Tangerines using all Making Memories product. This paper has been my favorite "Christmas number" paper ever! I used a cookie sheet (12x18") and spray painted it red. *Note: if you are going to spray paint a cookie sheet, don't buy the non-stick kind! As you can see, there are several paint chips missing on the edges from being stored. Paint doesn't stick well to non-stick surfaces. 

What I did for the number cards: I adhered them to thin cardboard (the cardboard that comes from Costco when you get a photo enlarged--I have a ton of it!) with Modge Podge. Let dry. On the opposite side (see below) I adhered green and red Bazzill cardstock with Modge Podge. Let dry. Then I sanded all the edges--this helps to adhere all three layers together really well so that little fingers can't pry them apart.

Another thing you might notice is that Seth is not included in the pictures on this calendar! Well, he wasn't around then. I don't think he'll notice this year, but by next year he will. So, I'll either be changing out the pictures or coming up with an entirely different Advent calendar . . . we'll see how I feel about that idea next year! This year I didn't have the mental energy for it.

And the backside. I adhered magnets to each piece and I tried to write down things that were easy to do on the spur of the moment. A few involve a little planning ahead. Just double click on the image if you want to read them.

What ideas or notes do you tuck away in your Advent calendar? I'd love to hear them, or leave me a link to your blog if you have them posted! I may be making a new one next year and could use some new ideas!

p.s. In response to my freezer cooking post . . . as I eat them out of my freezer, I'll take pictures and post the recipes. Yum!


Unknown said...

how cute!! I love that paper pack as well!! I used it last year & this year in my DD that starts TODAY WHOHOOOOOOOOO!!! :)

Keshet said...

Brenda, this is awesome! I am also being really late in responding to your email, but will be on that soon--I have so much to say, I need to find time to say it all, hee!

Anonymous said...

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Katie said...

Thank you for sharing, I love this idea. I have created a round-up of all my favorite Advent calendars and I have added yours! You can check it out here If you would like me to remove your feature please let me know and I will take it down right away. Oh, and please stop by and grab a feature button and wear it proudly! You deserve it!