Thursday, November 18, 2010


Saturday she lost her big front tooth . . . this picture was taken on Sunday.

Now she looks like this . . . the second front tooth is hanging on by a thread. I just want to tie a string to it and the other end to a door knob! Did anyone ever actually do that? That was always the story I remember hearing when I was a kid.

In other news, the 12 weeks of Christmas Calendar kit is in full swing at Green Tangerines! I helped in the designing of the calendar pages again this year and one of my layouts was released yesterday along with another page. We are releasing two months per week this year so that you can get them done early if you are sending them off at gifts. Another new thing, you have the option to pay $2 extra to get the double page kit if you would rather not use them as calendar pages and just want a pre-planned two-page kit!

Here is my simple layout that is up for sale this week:
As a single page for the calendar (I'm the month of June).

As a double page for your album.

Check out the other pages on their blog! Go here--you'll have to scroll through the posts to view the past 3 weeks. Only 2 weeks left to go!


Pam said...

Now she looks older. That's what those teeth do to you, especially when the new ones come in.

SZM said...

love that top photo!