Sunday, August 15, 2010

jh ranch adventure

We are back home and sleeping in our own beds . . . so nice! We had so much fun this past week with Tim's family and all the cousins!

All but one of Tim's siblings made it to the reunion. We were missing a few of the older grandchildren as well, but the majority of us were there! (There are 39 grandchildren total.)

Being silly in the cornfield.

The pond outside the house we stayed in--complete with a rope swing.

Kayaking on the lake.

We went on a nature hike with the younger cousins. I put packing tape around their wrists--sticky side out. I had just read them a story about Creation and we collected all the different things God has made. We came back from our walk and they glued all their treasures to a piece of paper and made a picture. This was my friend Tara's wonderful idea--the kids loved it!

Another silly picture.

Mr. Goat just had babies . . . aren't they cute?

Faith's first time on a horse.

I just love being surrounded by the mountains.

We had a surprise party for Tim's mom who just turned 80 years old. Everyone took turns sharing why they are thankful for her. It was really nice.

Last, but not least. This little man loved having room to roam!

Back to reality . . .

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Pam said...

I love all the silly faces. So reminds me of you and me growing up. I'm sure we have quite a few pictures of us like that as well. Glad you had a good time!