Wednesday, July 21, 2010

family update

My baby turned one yesterday! This is the last teddy bear picture that will be taken . . . thank goodness! It took me 40 shots to get one that wasn't blurry with all his hopping around.

This is the teddy bear picture when Seth was one month . . . he's so little! His hair was also a much darker shade of red. He is more strawberry blonde now, like his daddy.

Our camping trip this past weekend on the Yuba River was a hot one, but the kids didn't seem to mind. They had a great time in the river. It was fun camping with friends this time. The sites were small,  so we were all really close together, which the kids loved. Tim brought 6 fans and extension cords. We had the only site with electricity, and our friends enjoyed having a fan in their tents!

We brought along our raft which was a big hit with all the kids. My friend's husband is giving the kids a ride. They saw a snake on the river! Eeek! Glad I didn't see it. The kids all loved it of course.

Both of the families we went camping with had all boys. And they all brought their light-sabers of course. A few months back Seth began picking up anything that looked like a stick and waving it around like a weapon . . . my girls never did this. I guess it truly is a boy thing. Here he is in his first light-saber battle with Mason. Too funny!

Be back with some crafty stuff soon!

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