Wednesday, June 30, 2010

waterpark vacation

We're home. I love family reunions! It was not a relaxing vacation, but we sure had fun! I only wish we had more time to sit around and chat. Not gonna happen with all the little ones running around. The grandparents were great and watched all the little ones one night while those of us in the "young parents range" went out for dinner--that was a fun time of catching up and eating dinner without interruptions. Here is a picture of all 47 of us in Wisconsin.

We stayed at the Glacier Canyon Lodge Waterpark Resort. I highly recommend this place! Everything was very clean and well organized. The indoor and outdoor waterparks come with your lodging--over 500,000 square feet of waterparks! We went to all of them over the four days we were there--and you can walk to all of them from your room. It's perfect for babies and adults. I didn't have my camera with me all the time because I was having fun in the water, but here are a few shots.

One of the baby and young children areas. (That's my brother and mom and the little cousins.)

One of the inside waterparks. On the right is a baby and young children area and to the left is the huge wave pool--hard to see. Behind these are a bunch of "grown up" slides/tubes.

Paige and Faith both went on this huge ride. It's a stairmaster workout for sure . . . you start out in the tubes and then go onto the slides that you see Tim and Paige on in the next two pictures.

Over a two-day period, Paige went on this ride about 20 times . . . which means one of us was walking up with her and carrying her mat for her. Talk about a workout. (I was nervous the first time I rode it!) Faith only got to go once . . . we didn't realize there was a minimum height until she'd already gone once--the lifeguard told us she couldn't go anymore--she was only an inch short. Bummer.

She found plenty of other big slides she could go on.

We discovered how much Seth loved the water. He even went under a few times and it didn't phase him.

I loved this resort because at all of the waterparks there were rides for every age. We could safely let our girls run off and play with their cousins while we played with Seth or went on rides ourselves (grandparents were around too!) There were lifeguards everywhere and they were very strict about safety. It was truly a carefree family vacation.

The only downer to the end of our trip was the plane ride home. We had 3-legs of flights, plus driving on either end. We discovered that our 11-month old could stay awake longer than our girls. He stayed awake 16 hours yesterday. While the girls slept on the third flight, he was a nightmare. He only screamed for 10 minutes, but we were constantly bouncing him or letting him crawl all over us the rest of the time. We slept so hard last night! There is something to be said for coming home and sleeping in your own bed. Now it's back to reality. Hopefully I'll be able to carve out some crafting time in the near future.

Hope you are having a great summer!

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Christal and Craig said...

so much fun! Great pics. I hope to get some of ours up on FB soon. Kids slept in until 8 yesterday and almost that today (late night celebrating Val's bday!). Fun to catch up with you!