Friday, April 30, 2010

camping . . . here we come

A few months ago my husband got this crazy idea . . . let's start camping this summer! He was in a men's Bible study that was going through a DVD series that talked about how to be a better husband, father and employee. One of the sessions talked about making memories with your kids NOW. We have been looking forward to starting the camping tradition for some time now, but have put it off for one reason or another. I would never have dreamed that our camping tradition would start with an infant . . . that just sounds like a lot of work. Tim said it seemed like too much work as well, but he wanted to start making those cherished camping memories with his girls now. So, he went out and bought a used pop-up trailer. Now we have a place to put a pack-n-play, get the kids cleaned up, etc. I grew up tent camping, so this will be new for me . . . but I also didn't start camping before elementary school.

Here are the girls . . . beyond excited!

We are doing a trial run 45 minutes from our house this weekend . . . it's only one night . . . we can do this, right??? If Seth just won't settle, I can come home with him, sleep in my own bed and be back by breakfast, right? Wish us luck!


tginguyen said...

Oh, you guys will have a blast! I am so jealous.

I love to camp and would love to leave everything behind and go.

Cravinchoc said...

Wow... good luck. Where ya going? Let us know how it went!

Pam said...

Paige's expression reminds me of a Brenda picture from long ago. Don't know where it is, but it's the same expression. Love it!!!