Tuesday, March 9, 2010

look grandma & grandpa!

I lost my first tooth! Seth pulled it out when I was making funny faces at him and making him laugh. He swung his little arm up at my face and my tooth fell to the floor. The tooth fairy put $1.00 under my pillow last night. I have another one that is loose too!

Mommy will be back tomorrow with another layout!


Christine said...

Ack! She's getting so grown-up! Very cute pics...and it reminds me I need to make sure I've got a tooth fairy pillow for Brandon before he loses a tooth (we've got a few months to go!).

Christal and Craig said...

Way to get Seth to help you out Paige! Congrats. That is so fun.

Cravinchoc said...

Cool! Erin will be jealous you got yours out first! :) Great pics, Brenda.