Monday, February 15, 2010

my valentine and need advice

I think I've gushed about my husband here on the blog once or twice before . . . I just have to share this card that he made me for Valentine's Day. He came up with this idea all by himself--so creative!! (These are crummy pictures, but I was too tired to go downstairs to take them outside.)

It's a matchbook. He made the perfectly straight black line with a sharpie and a ruler. He used all my heart punches and scraps for the matches. And let's not forget the staple--that is key!

He's a man of few words . . . but what he does write is always good!

Normally I wouldn't blog about this, but I am getting pretty desperate for help. I have been in a flare of my Crohn's disease for a little over a month and am getting worse by the day. (God gave me a little reprieve for about 4 hours on Friday night and my husband and I went out on a date for Valentine's Day. We had a great time! Within five minutes of being home I got sick again.) I've been on the steroid Entocort for 17 days now and it doesn't seem to be working. (I refused Prednisone this time.) I'm wondering if anyone out there in blogland has a good naturalpathic doctor they would recommend that deals with digestive diseases? Anywhere in the Sacramento to San Francisco area. I am willing to drive. I've only had this disease for a little under three years and am still trying to figure out what is going to work for me long term. I do not want to start the stronger drugs (with multiple side effects) as my doctor is suggesting. Anyway, I'm not complaining, I know God is not going to give me more than I can handle. Just need some help if anyone has any experience in this area. Feel free to leave a comment or email me privately.

The only perks to being sick are that I am losing my baby weight and am having extra time to scrapbook since I am not leaving the house much!

Have a good day!


Christine said...

we had a great GI doc for Olivia who was pretty "natural", but she's peds only :( Hope you find someone!

Erica said...

An old co-worker of mine had/has Chrones and she starting taking this all natural juice. I would look it up on line. It is supposed to do wonders for all sorts of internal issues. You just take an ounce in the morning and one in the evening and she said it really helped. I am sure you could goggle digestive juice drink or something. Sorry I couldn't be more specific with the name.

Brenda Johnston said...

Thanks Erica! : )