Monday, December 21, 2009

happy monday!

Good morning! Have all your shopping done yet? I have been done with my shopping, but we are prepping to head down south for a week in a few days--lots to do! Because my husband has 11 siblings (he is #12), holidays at his parents place are never relaxing . . . but they sure are a lot of fun! Every year we celebrate Christmas with EVERYONE in his family the three days following Christmas. Everyone but one sibling is able to make it this year--with 39 grandchildren, it's always a busy household.

We always have a variety of activities planned . . . there is no sitting around at a Johnston gathering. We have "share what's going on in your family night", "talent night", "home video night" and this year we are having a "dance night" in one of of the empty floors of Tim's brother's store. We have to come dressed in a decade of our choice. Because I am still losing the baby weight, I literally have nothing to wear. I was struck with a brilliant idea while lying in bed the other night . . . well, I thought it was brilliant because it is cheap! I am going to tye-dye t-shirts for our entire family so that we all match. Yes, we're going as hippies. I bought red and green Rit-Dye to make the t-shirts festive. I'll figure out something fun to do with all of our hair and we should be set. My girls and I will be making the shirts today--FUN!

This next layout has nothing to do with Christmas, but I had to post something scrapbook related!

Tim is such a fantastic dad! He is always thinking of creative things to do with the girls. This photo was taken this past Father's Day before Seth was born. I made this layout for the store as well and used some more Jillibean Soup on it.

Have a great day!

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