Friday, December 11, 2009

do your kids do this?

We have rest time everyday at the Johnston household. Usually the girls are in their room together for an hour or so while baby brother is napping and I am napping or have some down time myself. If they've had 4 good rest times in a row (this means no fighting and no coming out of their room), they get to watch a short movie during rest time downstairs--a real treat. After their 30-minute movie, they know to shut it off and play quietly downstairs until I come out of hiding. Sometimes they get a little carried away and this is what I find . . .

They'd taken the mattress and boxspring off the bottom bunk, and moved the ladder. They were casually hanging out up top when I walked in.

They had somehow found the bag of all our winter gear and were dressed up dancing around the house.

They'd received a package in the mail from their aunt (Thanks Cher!) and were more interested in the packaging than the presents. This took a LONG time to clean up.

They found my husband's dollie and made it "comfortable" to give each other rides.

They dressed up in their princess clothes, got the sofa cushions and turned them into a slide . . . all while I was resting of course.

What do your kids do when you aren't in the room?


Kristen said...

LOL...I love it! You don't want to know what MY boys do when I'm out of the afraid, very afraid when Seth is older. :)

Brenda Johnston said...

Really? Now you are making me scared . . . so far they haven't really ruined anything. Except for the time Faith cut her bangs to the scalp during rest time . . . that took months to grow back!