Tuesday, November 3, 2009

getting rid of the candy

Instead of paying our children to hand over their candy, Tim thought of a more creative solution. A candy toss. Whatever candy you could toss into the bowl would be yours to keep. For every year old that the child is, that is how many feet away the bowl had to be. He got out the tape measure and measured 5ft for Paige and 3ft for Faith. I thought that maybe they'd each get 10 pieces of candy in the bowl . . . an acceptable amount of candy to keep. But no, they both got over 20 pieces of candy in their bowls. I think our solution may have backfired a bit. The rest of the candy they happily put in a bag that Tim is going to take to work tomorrow. Maybe next year we'll have to use smaller bowls to throw the candy into. Here are a couple of action shots.

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