Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CHA highlights

I am back from CHA and I'm totally exhausted! Seeing all the latest and greatest is fun, but what is more fun for me is having a little "girl" time with a couple of my favorite people! After the tradeshow on Saturday, Kelly and Paula took me out for my birthday to a fabulous Mexican restaurant--El Torito Grill. Yum!

As we were leaving the restaurant, we came across two police cars that were left running. The policemen were inside the restaurant eating . . . so strange that they left them running. Anyway, Paula thought it would be fun for me to get "arrested" on my birthday. So, Kelly and I quickly posed. Kelly actually looks like she knows how to "spread 'em,"she even hung her head down. I however look like I am dancing! Ha!

There was tons of eye candy at the show, much of which I will be sharing over on the Ella blog next week sometime. Here are a few that I'll share now:

It was so fun to meet Wendy and Angie from Ella along with a couple of the Ella Friends! They were all so nice and fun to talk with. I only wish I'd had more time to hang out and chat. Keshet--the picture I have with you and Jennifer did not turn out--maybe one of you can email it to me? Pretty please? 

I just had to share this dress . . . made completely out of buttons! Wow!

I got home Monday at noon and this is the birthday party I came home to  . . .

Faith said she wanted to throw a "rainbow" party. She was wearing a rainbow dress, they got rainbow streamers at the party store, made a rainbow cake, made rainbow party hats and colored me rainbow pictures. They took me out to lunch as soon as I got home. It was a fun family reunion and birthday party!


Anonymous said...

Love all that rainbow goodness :) That button dress - spectacular!

Alisha said...

Wait a minute...that doesn't look like a chocolate Nugget cake! ;oP Guess it didn't work! Well a cake made in love is almost a good. Hee hee.