Monday, June 7, 2010

weekend getaway

This past weekend Tim and I got away for a whole 48 hours by ourselves! We try to get away once a year, but last summer I was pregnant so it didn't happen. We had planned on going to San Francisco for our getaway, but then Tim picked up a free trip to Reno. He test drove a car (which he didn't buy), and they gave him a free 2-night stay at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno--AND I got a free massage! There were no strings attached. Now Reno would not be our first choice (or any choice really) to go since neither of us gamble, but FREE is always good.

We went to the nearby SCHEELS outdoor store and spent about 4 hours there. It is the biggest outdoor store I have ever seen! It even has a ferris wheel inside. We'll be taking our kids back there sometime. This is us standing beside one of their many animal displays.

The resort  had aqua golf which Tim thought was pretty fun. I attempted to hit one ball and it did not go so well. I sat and watched him the rest of the time. I will never be a golfer. No hand eye coordination.

We spent time lying by the pool, reading books and generally being lazy. We slept in till 8:45am one morning! We came back home very rested. Can't wait till our next getaway!

Be back soon with more crafty stuff!

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Cravinchoc said...

Looks like you had a great time! You looked relaxed (and cute!) in the picture! So glad you got to get away. How did Tim do at the aqua golf? My Dad would love that.