Wednesday, May 30, 2012

favorites at 7

I wish I knew what my favorite things were at each stage in my growing up years . . . scrapbooking wasn't a huge thing back when I was little (but I do have tons of pictures! thanks mom and dad!) I am sure each of my kids will love looking back on these "favorites" layouts when they are older. Even now, they love looking at them as they change so much from year to year.

I started these layouts when they were 3 years old. They love being interviewed--though I have to interview them separately, otherwise they influence the others' answers and often pick the same answer!

 I used my Green Tangerines Kit Club to put together this layout. Love all the bright colors!

Do you keep track of what your child is into each year? What is your favorite way to keep document favorites? (Even if it doesn't involve scrapbooking!) gasp! : ) 


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