Monday, February 7, 2011

turkey and hummus wrap

Looking for a healthy, low calorie lunch you can make for yourself? This is one of my favorites lately!

Brown rice tortilla from Trader Joe's (gluten free and so good for you) 130 cal.
Sliced oven-roasted turkey from Costco (nitrate/nitrite free) 90 cal.
1 Tbls hummus of your choice (my favorite is Trader Joe's Tomato Basil) 20 cal.
1 oz aged cheddar cheese 110 cal. (you can use a lower fat cheese if you want less calories)
Lettuce and tomatoes--these calories don't count!

Total calories: 330

Put it all together, wrap it up, and you have a YUMMY lunch! Enjoy!


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Rheanne said...

brenda I also have Crohn's so I know your pain. I have also been considering gluten free thankfully I have not had to go on steroids but am on Humira have to tried that.