Friday, September 24, 2010

published . . . again, and another giveaway!

I am feeling pretty blessed this week . . . My first time being published in  Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine happened in the same week as my Creating Keepsakes newsScrapbook and Cards Today  is a Canadian publication that is quickly spreading across the U.S. You can order a hard copy of the magazine or download it for FREE here. When I think of this magazine, I think of the word fresh; it's always so clean looking . . . and of course inspiring!

This is the layout that was published:
I made this last year with my Green Tangerines October kit. To get the little circles to stand out, I adhered them lightly, sewed through them and then pulled them up on either side of the thread. I also added captions to each of the photos in PSE before I had them printed. A simple layout.

And now for the giveaway . . .

They sent me an extra copy of the Fall issue. Leave me a comment telling me what you are looking forward to about Fall and I will pick a winner on Sunday night!

Remember, you can also go here and download a copy for free! I'm on page 54 . . .  : )


Laura T. said...

Love the layout, especially the way you stitched the circles onto the pages.

luvjezuz said...

I'm so proud of you...once again :)

Of course, about Fall, I'm looking forward to OUR annual trip to the gem of the Sacramento Region, Apple Hill/Pollock Pines. I'm glad you made it up there last year....just remember to take Hazel or Sunrise across to 50 if you go this year. LOL.
love ya

Denise Z. said...

I love EVERYTHING about Fall! The colors, the smells, the decorations...the new scrapbooking supplies! LOL! I think what I really love the most is being inside more and focusing on "home".

Kristen said...

Fall is my very favorite...especially after moving to norther cal...I love pretty much everything about it! Congrats again...very deserved, I must say.

Cravinchoc said...

So cool Brenda! You're awesome. I love your layouts. I am loving the colors of Fall. I used to hate the colors of this season (orange?!) but have recently come to appreciate all the colors of this time of year.

Christal and Craig said...

Congrats on being published twice! Very exciting. I was published once in Baby Talk (I think? maybe it was Parents). It was just an editorial letter though. still fun! Your layouts are always fantastic and should be shared!

Christine said...

congrats on being published in both mags!

Best part of fall is the smell...I love the smell of dead leaves all wet on the lawn. Sounds gross, but...mmmmm!

Valerie said...

Gorgeous layout Brenda - love that circle border!
So excited to be an Ella friend with you :)