Monday, September 6, 2010

duck release and other tidbits

Here is a little glimpse of what we've been up to for the past few days . . .

On Friday we had a field trip to Machado Orchards with one of the homeschool groups we are involved in. We got a tour of the place and lots of yummy samples! I learned things I didn't know about apples and peaches.

All of the kids were great listeners . . . our guide made it pretty interesting.

Seeing how the machine peeled the apples was a highlight for the kids!

Seth even got into the tour!

Remember when Tim brought home baby ducks? They are full grown now. Tim built them a little pond in our backyard, but since they are past the "easy to play with" stage, we decided it was time to let them swim in a big pond. Today was the big release day.

It took a few minutes for the ducks to know what to do with all this space . . . here the girls are encouraging them to head for the water.

Off they go!

A little fishing fun . . . we didn't catch anything but moss today.

Playing in the tackle box . . . actually, they told me they were organizing . . . a fun past time for both of my girls. Wonder where they got that gene?  : )

Seth sat happily in his stroller and ate lunch most of the time. So thankful I didn't have to chase him from the water and the duck poop that was everywhere!

I love three-day-weekends . . . we always get projects accomplished and have some fun family time. This past weekend our big project was cleaning out the garage and putting things on Craigslist that we wanted to get rid of. So far we've made $370!! It's always fun to make money on things you don't want!

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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