Thursday, August 26, 2010

opposite day and ice skating

Do you remember "opposites day" back in elementary school? Or backwards day? Last week, Faith said she wanted to see what her hair would look like straight and what Paige's hair would look like curly. We declared the next day "opposite day."

I was able to get Faith's hair pretty straight . . . it is so long! This is the extent of curl that I was able to get into Paige's hair using a curling iron--and this only held for about half an hour! I'll have to try rollers next time.

They thought this was a pretty fun activity.

The girls had been saving up their "stars" to go ice skating with dad. Last weekend, the time had arrived. Skating time was unfortunately during Seth's naptime, so I had to rely on dad to snap me a few pictures.

These sleds help you learn how to stay upright. They also had 5-gallon buckets you could push around.

Another fun memory for the books!

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