Tuesday, May 4, 2010

an update and a layout

Feel free to skip the family stuff if you are just here for scrappy stuff . . .  : )

I am officially down to 10mg of Prednisone. So excited to be feeling better and so excited to be almost off this stuff! The big test is to see how I do once I am off of it . . . no more protection. I'm still trying to be careful what I eat, but I have had a few "weak" moments. I miss food! I miss fresh fruit and veggies! I just want to eat a piece of cheesecake or something equally bad.

I wasn't able to work out at my "boot camp" gym for two months. I missed the family atmosphere and the accountability and the killer workouts. I started back this week and my friend Heather joined me today to try it out for the first time. It was nice to have a friend suffer with me. : )  Hopefully she won't wake up tomorrow morning and hate me. After being gone for two months, my muscles are feeling it this week . . . oh the pain!

My girls are so excited about the summer! We have a trip to Wisconsin Dells planned, two different Vacation Bible Schools, gymnastics camp and of course multiple camping trips. I think I may need to get them their own calendar so they can cross off the days until the next BIG thing. They ask me everyday when the waterpark trip to Wisconsin is coming . . . I grew up in Minnesota, right next door to Wisconsin--and I have never been there! Now we have to fly half way across the country to get there. It will be fun to be there with all of their cousins on my side. Can't wait for next month!

This is a fun layout I did for the store last summer. I used a bunch of fun October Afternoon papers. Love those little monsters!

I hated this tye-dye t-shirt of my husbands . . . he got it at a work related team building function a few years back . . . he only wore it around the house, but somehow it ended up in multiple pictures and always clashed with whatever layout I was trying to put together. These are some fun pictures I took of the girls prancing around in this awful t-shirt--I finally did a layout built around THE SHIRT. Did you notice I've been talking in past tense about the shirt? One day I accidentally put it in a bag of Good Will donations. Oops.

Hope you are having a good week!


TracieClaiborne said...

Hi there! I just found your work on 2Peas and I was like "Oh my word, this girl is talented!!" So I looked up your blog and happy day, you homeschool! Me too! I am saving your blog on my faves so I can keep you with you, you talented girl!

tginguyen said...

Your little monsters are adorable!