Sunday, May 9, 2010

american crafts brad challenge

I had a little time to myself today and I decided to participate in the American Crafts brad challenge. This is a card I did for one of my classes back in January. I just added two more flowers and brads to it for this challenge. I taught the ladies in my class how to sew on paper . . . most of them had never done it and it was fun to see all of their faces light up! It's sew easy and fun!

The paper, letter stickers and brads are from American Crafts. The flowers came in a cute little jar with no tag on it, so I 'm not sure who they are by.

Thanks for looking and have a great Mother's Day!

p.s. TO LEXI IN COLORADO--if you still read my blog . . . I just saw your comment from when you posted back in March on a February post. I responded there, but I couldn't figure out from your profile how to email you. I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you! I'd love to chat regarding your question, so feel free to email me at brjohnston1 at juno dot com.


Lisa said...

Very cute card!! Those papers are from my favorite American Crafts line, and I also love to sew on my LO's and cards!! Great job!


This is spectacular! It is simple, yet beautiful!

Sassette said...

I really love the simplicity of this card! Sometimes, less is definitely MORE! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

Banu said...

Loved the CAS card that you created using brads. Really neat idea.