Friday, February 19, 2010

new green tangerines kit of the month!

Want a sneak peak? The February kit is set to release on Monday, the 22nd. Below are the sneak peaks they sent out to their kit club subscribers. I was on the Design Team all of last year, and this year I'll be helping in the "picking all the goodies" process (as well as on the Design Team). I'll also be designing all of the month-in-review layouts which are an add-on option. Super fun! We will start holding some blog fun over at the Kit Club blog starting soon!

This is what you'll get!

My kiddos! That is real wood that comes in the kit--I inked it. I hand stitched on the leaf pattern next to the journaling. I love the patterned papers in this months kit!

Just a peak at the month-in-review add-on. It's a 2-pager.

I'll have more February kit inspiration coming soon!


Cravinchoc said...

Is it worth getting the kids from GT? How much are they? And when do they typically come out each month?

Brenda Johnston said...

Yes, it's worth getting the kits. You get $50 worth of goodies for $35 if you are a subscriber. Other kits that cost around $30 give you a lot less product--often only 1 set of letters--GT gives you 3. The new release date is going to be the 15th of each month (but they ran late this month because of issues out of their control). And GT is the only Kit Club that I've seen that has double pages layouts in the Design Team gallery. You will love it!

Lexi said...

Hi Brenda from Lexi in Colorado!!
I come from a family of redheads too! I just got the news today that I have Crohn's. Do you think there may be a connection between red hair and autoimmune sydromes?
Thank you

Brenda Johnston said...

I just read your comment and can't figure out how to send you an email from your profile. I doubt you'll check this again, but just in case. I don't think there is a connection between autoimmune diseases and redheads . . . I have never heard of one anyway. But I am not a doctor either!