Wednesday, January 13, 2010

day 7 oct/nov green tangerines kit

This layout requires a little explanation . . . My grandfather was killed by his bull just two weeks after my mom was married and four years before I was born. He was only 43 years old. This is the last picture my mom has with him. I didn't add any color to the layout because I wanted the reader to feel how tragic and sad this day was. You should be able to click on the layout and read the journaling should you want to know the full story.

Whether I am scrapping events that are years old or my own children's daily happenings, I try to include the good and the bad--it gives a real picture of life.

I'll have more cards the rest of the week from the Green Tangerines kit!

**edit . . . After I posted this I just noticed a huge typo in my journaling . . . an entire line has been moved down. Ggrrrrrrr. How did I not notice this??!!! Good thing it's a semi-quick fix.

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