Monday, January 11, 2010

day 5 oct/nov green tangeries kit club

I'm typically a 12x12 scrapper, but for the heritage album I'm working on I decided to try something new--8.5x11. I've also decided to use minimal embellishments in this album. I want the stories to really stand out and for the album to have a classic feel. You can check out my other heritage layouts here.

I started to interview both of my grandmas (grandpas are not alive) about 2 years ago with the intent of putting together a heritage album. I have slowly been working on it . . . slowly. When one of them started to decline in health about a year ago, I started working on the album more regularly to make sure she would be around to ask questions if I needed clarification. Unfortunately, her memory started to go and I was not able to get some of my questions answered. She passed away in November at age 92. I will still continue in my quest to get her life recorded. She lived a great life.

Now, I have started to actively work on my other grandmas photos. She is still alive and able to answer questions. I want to make sure I get hers done while we can still talk--and so she can see her life in scrapbook form. I know she appreciates all the work. I am learning so much about her and I love it!

*My tip for the day--get those stories from your older loved ones recorded while you can! You won't regret it.

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