Sunday, November 15, 2009

suddenly, I live on a farm

I'm not sure how it happened really . . . six weeks ago we were a normal family living in the middle of suburbia and now I live on a farm. We now have two chickens and one large rabbit. Cody, Sarah and Cottontail are their names. These have all been my husband's ideas of course. I sometimes wonder if my husband is going through a mid-life crisis, (he'll be 37 next month, a tad early) but then I look back upon our marriage and I realize that this is always the way he has been. He loves to have an extra hobby besides his biking.

Two years into our marriage it was a small fresh water fish tank in our master bedroom, then a 75-gallon fish tank in our living room, then a 90-gallon aquarium with salt water fish. He got rid of that when he realized how much time he spent cleaning it (and we had two children by this time). Then it was the go-cart phase . . . and by this I mean owning his own cart that reached 100mph that he had to drive on a special track. He got over that after a couple of years when he found out that you have to continually replace parts--got a tad expensive.

Next it was two geckos--which he brought to work. He said it was theraputic for him to watch them when he was having a stressful day. May I add that he ordered 250 LIVE crickets (gecko food) and had them sent to the office? I'm not sure how theraputic it was for one of his female co-workers to find a cricket crawling up her leg. (They had chewed through the plastic bin.) When one of the geckos escaped and was missing for a day, he quickly brought them home to our garage and a very happy 11-year old boy purchased them from us shortly thereafter.

Now we are onto chickens and rabbits. He is currently searching Craigslist (where he got Cottontail) for a female rabbit so he can start breeding them. WOW! How did we get here? One more thing . . . he's already promised the girls we would incubate and hatch duck eggs in the Spring. Duck eggs? Really? Like I said, suddenly I live on a farm. This post would not be complete without pictures . . . not sure if you'd believe me otherwise.

Cottontail hopping around in our backyard.

The rabbit hutch Tim built this weekend. He had to build it high off the ground so our neighbors cat that is always in our yard wouldn't torment the rabbit.

Cody and Sarah, the chickens. Still growing . . . they are 6 weeks old.

The chicken coop. Doesn't it add a bit of beauty to our backyard? It's complete with a net cover on it so the neighbors cat (again) doesn't jump in it and hurt the chickens.

Feel free to stop by our farm anytime for a visit!


Christine said...

Too funny! But I'm sure the girls love it! And David's going to be 37 next month too (I think we're the same age).

Kristen said...

this made me laugh! it's so you guys (well, it's so Tim...) I'm just wondering what took so long? :)