Tuesday, October 6, 2009

baby shower

I have been blessed with some awesome girlfriends! Several of them (Kristen, Gina, Amber, Tara and Merri) threw me a great baby shower this past Spring. It was a jungle theme. It was especially fun because this was my first boy! Because I had all the essentials, most people brought me clothing--I love baby clothing! The cake you see in this picture was made by my friend Amber--doesn't it look professional? I bought the Becky Higgins Baby Kit and have started using it for Seth. This is the first layout I have completed. I love the journaling prompts that they give you in this kit. Usually I am not a huge kit girl, but I thought I'd be busy with three kids, so why not make my life a little easier?

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Kristen said...

turned out way cute! :)