Monday, November 10, 2014

moon phases with oreo cookies!

This idea is all over Pinterest, so it is not my original idea. I did, however, turn it into a "book report!"

My daughter wrote a short paper about the moon and it's features. We simply divided it into four sections and glued it to the poster board. I happened to have some poster board on hand from the dollar store and we glued two sheets of black construction paper on top.

The "world" is a sticker from Gymboree that I received with gift packaging years ago--saved it! You could simply print an image from Google and paste it on. I used hot glue for the Oreos. Easy peasy. This project did not take long and the kids LOVED it! Of course that may have been because they got to eat the other half of the cookie and frosting . . . but I tell myself it's because they love being educated! 

Tip: Target sells Oreos in a pack of 10 in the check out lane for $1.00--then you don't have to buy an entire package!

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