Tuesday, July 31, 2012

turning 8

Paige turned eight this past May and asked for an owl party. We had a great time! I still can't believe I have an eight-year-old . . . I know everyone says that about their kids.

I used my JULY KIT from Green Tangerines for this layout. 

Our air conditioner has been broken for two days now. It is 99 degrees outside and a cool 89 degrees inside. I am melting. There will be no cooking in my kitchen tonight! Hopefully the repairman that comes out tonight can fix it. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 101 degrees. Fun times!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

six flag adventure

I love the Read to Succeed Program! We were able to go to Six Flags last month completely free of charge--minus the parking. My girls and one of their best friends decided on their own that they wanted a "girls only" trip to Six Flags. I made my very pregnant friend let me push her around in a wheelchair all day . . . it was a good workout for me!

We happened to pass by the birds during feeding time. For $2, you could buy a little drink for the bird. Totally worth it! The expressions on the girls faces were priceless!

One of their favorite rides . . . 

Their other favorite ride . . . 

We had the best day!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

catching up

We've been having such a fun summer! Lots of playdates and fun outings. The girls also took a Lego Engineering Class this summer that they loved. I can't believe summer is coming to a close soon . . . I have been going to Staples each week for the past three weeks to grab some of their hot penny and quarter back to school deals! Mmmmm . . . I love back-to-school sales!

Tomorrow I am heading to a homeschool conference with a bunch of girlfriends--I'm super excited for a little road trip and late night talks! And I always come home inspired to continue homeschooling. It's such a huge blessing in our lives.

I've still been scrapbooking, so I thought I'd try and catch up a little since my parents have mentioned they haven't seen anything from me lately.

We are heading back to the ranch in two weeks. This is always a highlight of our summer. This trip is from this past March--Faith had her birthday while we were there.

I used my JUNE KIT CLUB for this layout.

These pictures are also from the ranch during the same trip. I love being able to drive to the snow when we feel the need to see it. Once a year is enough for me. Growing up as a Minnesotan and having to drive in blizzard conditions scarred me for life!

I used my JULY KIT CLUB for this layout.

I'll be back with more soon! Have a great day!