Tuesday, February 28, 2012

hot air balloon ride

Some days I feel like I really lack in the "creative mom" or "cool mom" department. But today was not one of those days. Today I decided we needed to spice up our school day and tackle a big science project that the girls had seen in one of their books. It really ended up being a fairly easy project. Just some tissue paper, glue, a small piece of cardboard and a blow dryer.

Up, up and away!

I love the expressions on the girls faces. Seth is not quite sure what to think.

Learning the differences between hot and cold air can be so much fun! We also used the cold button on my dryer and the balloon did not rise by itself. Proof that hot air really does rise!

Friday, February 24, 2012

tim's dad

My Father-in-Law passed away this morning. I wanted to share the last picture I took of him with our kids over Christmas. He had a really bad headache at the time that I snapped this picture. Little did we know that it would lead to a hospital stay a week later and then 24-hour nursing care at home. I am so glad that I had a chance to snap this picture.

Gene was an amazing man who left a legacy of 12 children behind him (Tim is #12), a wife of 61 years and a Christian Camp he started 31 years ago that changes the lives of thousands every summer. We are so blessed to have had him a part of our lives and we will greatly miss him. He was 84 years old.

March Card Club Class

My next card class is Friday, March 9th at Green Tangerines. If you have ever wanted to get into card making, then my classes are for you! They are perfect for the beginner, but still fun for gals who have been making cards for a long time. I promise, you will fit right in!

Call the store ASAP to sign up! 916.771.8010. There are only a few spots left. Cost is only $15. Hope to see some newbies!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

some simple cards to share

These cards are from my January Kit that I am just now getting around to posting. Simple and easy breezy. Hope you are having a good week!