Thursday, August 2, 2012

family photos

This past Spring, we had our family pictures professionally taken by a friend, Marcee. We have never taken the time to have family pictures taken before--shocking, I know. Especially since I scrapbook! I do have many family photos, but have relied on others to take them and they are always the "quick-while-he-is-looking" kind!

I used my JULY Green Tangerines Kit for this layout. I tried to keep it as simple as possible so that the photos stood out.

American Crafts has these new letters that have adhesive on the top AND bottom. The idea is to add whatever you want to the top to jazz them up. I added tiny micro beads. They stick really well and were  fairly easy to do . . . I had them all over the place though despite trying to keep them contained!

Hope you are having a great day!

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